Illinois Charter School Commission

Charter schools allow parents to be able to choose an appropriate educational setting for their children by judging the merit of the educational institutions, classroom setting, and academic performance. The existence of charter schools allows parents to choose a path for their child.  They are very popular in Illinois and around the country because they offer […]

Rep. Sosnowski on the Progressive Income Tax Proposals

ROCKFORD – As the new fiscal year approaches, Representative Joe Sosnowski, along with other House and Senate Republicans, stands against recent efforts to push a progressive income tax increase on the residents and businesses in Illinois. “A progressive tax system will continue to discourage job growth in Illinois, continue to drive businesses away, and increase […]

Sosnowski Votes NO on Cost Shift, Calls Plan a ‘Flawed Concept’

SPRINGFIELD – In a partisan vote, the Illinois House advanced a plan to shift the burden of public employee pensions onto public Illinois’ universities. In response, State Representative Joe Sosnowski (R-Rockford/Belvidere), who voted against the bill, issued the following statement: “This is not a cost that our universities and community colleges can absorb. If this […]

Sosnowski Calls Medicaid Expansion in Illinois ‘Irresponsible’

SPRINGFIELD – Today, the Illinois House of Representatives advanced legislation that would expand Medicaid coverage as part of Obamacare implementation in Illinois. State Representative Joe Sosnowski (R-Belvidere), who voted against proposal, says expanding Medicaid in Illinois would be a mistake. “Expanding Medicaid in Illinois at this time is irresponsible and will only lead to more […]

Fracking Bill Passes House Committee

SPRINGFIELD – Today, the House Executive Committee unanimously approved a bipartisan fracking bill that will regulate high-volume oil and gas drilling and create an estimated 45,000 jobs in Illinois. Hydraulic fracturing, more commonly referred to as ‘fracking,’ is the extraction of natural gas and oil from the earth to release the natural gas through horizontal drilling. […]

Sosnowski Statement on Passing Reclaiming First

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Joe Sosnowski (R-Belvidere) helped pass a measure out of the Illinois General Assembly today that would support the expansion of Winnebago County’s recreation tourism industry. “I am happy that the Reclaiming First Bill passed the General Assembly today. This bill is a great addition to Winnebago’s tourism industry and will help […]