Vermilion County Board violates law, gives real estate away –

By jmkraft During the June 10, 0214 Vermilion County Board Meeting, the board voted 15 – 8 in favor of violating the law, declaring a parcel of real estate as surplus, and GIVING it FREE of charge, to the purchaser of the adjacent farm ground. This property is also located adjacent to the Vermilion County […]

Chris Patrick, Edgar County Board Chairman Resigned

We now have the signed and submitted resignation of Chris Patrick, former Edgar County Board Chairman, dated June 26, 2013. What’s Next? According to the Edgar County Clerk, he must notify the central committee of both parties within three days. The Counties Code “ statute ”, when talking about vacancies, states: (c) Vacancies; time for […]

Chris Patrick Anxious to Give Away County Assets!

It makes you wonder when people in our Government are so anxious to give away our property.  Property that has value and worth yet Mr. Patrick is so insistent on giving it away that he has now called a Special County Board meeting to make sure it happens this month. I urged the board during […]

IL Supreme Court: State not stuck paying McFatridge Legal Bills

The Illinois Supreme Court, on May 23, 2013, filed the opinion on former Edgar County State’s Attorney Michael McFatridge v Lisa Madigan. This case involved McFatridge, and whether the taxpayers were responsible for his litigation expenses after being sued in the course of his official duties. This opinion means that the State of Illinois is […]

AG Binding Opinion 13-006 – No Secret Ballot

Public Access (Binding) Opinion 13-006 Late in the afternoon of May 13, 2013, the Illinois Attorney General’s office posted the binding opinion in reference to the secret ballot held by the Edgar County Airport Advisory board in which they took action, as a result of the secret ballot, to recommend Adonna Bennett, to the county […]