Quinnocchio Opposes Term Limits on November Ballot

“While Pat Quinn and Mike Madigan continue to fight against term limits in Illinois, Bruce Rauner stands squarely with the people in their call for reform and accountability. The people of Illinois deserve the chance to make their voices heard.” – Rauner Campaign Spokesperson Mike Schrimpf As Bruce Rauner joins with the hundreds of thousands […]

ICYMI: Dem Lawmaker Questions Quinn’s Integrity

Illinois Radio Network is reporting that another high-profile Illinois Democrat is questioning Gov. Pat Quinn’s integrity – this time, State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) who took questions about the governor’s illegal hiring schemes: “Many of these people were hired because of their political positions as county chairpeople and (who) also happen to support the governor,” says State […]

Quinnocchio Caught in IDOT Patronage Lie

“Pat Quinn is trapped in a web of misinformation over his patronage scheme. He needs to stop spinning and come clean.” – Mike Schrimpf, Rauner campaign spokesperson. Today, Pat Quinn Claimed The Dramatic Expansion Of Patronage Jobs At IDOT On His Watch Was “Absolutely” Necessary In Order To Take Advantage Of Federal Grant Funds. “Gov. Pat […]

Rauner Campaign Statement on Michael Shakman Lawsuit Against Pat Quinn

New Lawsuit Only Latest in Long History of Patronage Hires “It should come as no surprise that someone who started his political career as a ghost payroller and patronage chief for Dan Walker is now carrying on the Rod Blagojevich practice of rewarding friends and allies with state jobs.” – Mike Schrimpf, Raunercampaign spokesman “Lawsuit seeks […]

Quinnocchio Misled Illinoisans on Medicaid Reform

– Latest Failure Follows Controversial Decision Last Year to Give Up on  Private Review of Medicaid Eligibility – “These latest revelations are more evidence that Pat Quinn didn’t tell the truth last month when he said his administration has rooted out waste from Medicaid. And Quinn’s decision last year to drop other Medicaid reform efforts […]

Rauner/Quinn to meet at IEA Gathering

IEA Preview Bruce Rauner and Pat Quinn will speak this afternoon to the Illinois Education Association. The meeting is an opportunity to distinguish rhetoric from reality between the two candidates and their support of teachers and strong schools. On one side, Pat Quinn gives lip service to the importance of education, but has a history […]

Is Quinnocchio’s Nose Getting Longer?

– Property Tax Pledge Rhetoric Doesn’t Match the Reality – In an effort to soften the blow of his broken promise to keep the income tax hike temporary, Pat Quinn tore a page from his old failed playbook by proposing a $500 property tax rebate for homeowners, but even that promise is already being exposed […]

Bruce Rauner Statement on Pat Quinn’s Budget

Bruce Rauner issued the following statement regarding Pat Quinn’s budget address: “Pat Quinn first promised the working people of Illinois he wouldn’t raise taxes by 67%.  He broke that promise, taking away nearly a week’s worth of pay for Illinois families.  Then he promised his tax hike would be temporary.  Today he broke that promise […]

Republicans Beware: Dillard Accepts IEA Endorsement

– – IEA Opposes Litany of Pro-Student Reforms, Supports Income Tax Hike – – – – Questions Persist About His Vote on Pension Bill in Exchange for Endorsement – – After originally telling a group of Republicans that he’s never took IEA money, Senator Kirk Dillard today accepted the endorsement of the Illinois Education Association.  News outlets […]

TV Ads: A Desperate Attempt to Save Pat Quinn

— By Attacking Only Rauner, Pat Quinn’s Allies Admit Brady, Dillard and Rutherford are Pat Quinn-Lite — Pat Quinn’s top allies today launched the start of their desperate attempt to save him by pouring millions of dollars into attack ads against Bruce Rauner in an effort to hijack the Republican Party. “Pat Quinn is the worst […]