Uncertified Election Systems in Chicago and Suburban Cook County

Defend the Vote has recently uncovered startling evidence that proves the voting systems used in Chicago and Suburban Cook County are not legally certified in Illinois. Voting systems are defined by Illinois Law as follows: “‘Voting system’ or ‘electronic voting system’ means that combination of equipment and programs used in the casting, examination and tabulation […]

Election Machines in Chicago and Cook County Not Legally Certified – Round 3

Over the last year, Defend the Vote has been researching the election systems in Chicago and Suburban Cook County. We have uncovered startling evidence that proves the voting systems used in both jurisdictions are not legally certified in Illinois. The Illinois State Board of Elections’ refusal to acknowledge our claims was in full evidence during […]

Uncertified & Illegal! Election Board Letter Proves Cook County Election Equipment Used for the 2012 Presidential Election is Not Legal!

Defend the Vote is investigating the voting systems used in Chicago and Suburban Cook County. As part of this investigation, we sent a protest letter to the Illinois State Board of Elections challenging the certification of the voting systems. State Board’s Executive Director, Rupert Borgsmiller, sent Defend the Vote a response including the chart below […]

“It’s kind of a disaster waiting to happen” State Board’s Legal Counsel on Provisional Voting in Illinois

Illinois has long had a law that states in order for a provisional ballot to be counted, the voter must cast their vote in the right voting precinct. The General Assembly has fundamentally changed this law with HB 2418.  Election officials described the impact of these changes during the Chicago Board of Elections meeting on […]

Are There Stone Walls In Election Security?

The security of the electronic machines used in Chicago is going to be discussed during the Chicago Board of Elections’ meeting on Tuesday, September 10th, beginning at 9am. The manufacturer of these machines, Dominion Voting (the Edge Plus II machines were formerly owned by Sequoia), has discontinued manufacturing them and now only carries optical scan voting machines. Defend […]

Voter Signatures in Chicago: Will Election Judges Get too Empowered with Fraud Detection Training?

Signature verification is an integral part of keeping our elections safe from fraud. Your signature and an election judge’s right to question it is one of the only things standing between you and someone who wants to steal your vote. “We have already overloaded the educational training program for our judges,” Commissioner Langdon Neal said […]

Online Voter Registration From a Security Perspective

On Saturday, July 27th, 2013, Governor Pat Quinn signed House Bill 2418 into law. This complicated bill prints out to be over 122 pages long and has many components to it—especially after our Senators tossed in a bunch of other items that weren’t in the original bill—but one of the statutes that concern us is […]

Is Texas Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

One of the most important facets of the United States’ justice system can be summed up in a phrase: innocent until proven guilty. The Supreme Court’s recent decision to uphold this integral part of our justice system for all fifty states has been met with opposition from an unlikely source: the Department of Justice. Attorney […]

What Motivates Individuals Committing Voter Fraud?

Meet Melowese Richardson; a woman who was sentenced to five years in prison for multiple voting. Richardson voted twice in the 2012 election, and three times for her sister, Montez Richardson, in 2008, 2011, and 2012. Montez has been in a coma since 2003.

HOTLINE – Report Election Fraud

  REPORT ELECTION FRAUD 312-242-1818 Info@DefendtheVote.com  Defend the Vote‘s election fraud hotline is up.  Call or email us to report your concerns about the elections!  If you call, leave a message so we have a transcript of your call. We will return your call within 30 minutes.  Emails, after Election Day. Be a VoteDefender.  Participate […]