Chicago Teacher Strike – Greed and Institionalization on Display

On Monday, the Chicago Teachers Union initiated a long promised strike that impacted over 400,000 students. The primary motivation for this strike is to halt changes to teacher work rules and benefits the City of Chicago deems as necessary to improve student performance and reduce the burden on taxpayers. What we taxpayers are witnessing is […]

Teachers feel bad – taxpayers disgusted

A couple weeks ago I attended Representative Daniel Biss (D-17) town hall in Skokie. The stated purpose of this meeting was to discuss the proposal for cost shifting of FUTURE teacher pension contributions from the state to local school districts. Rep. Biss brought in a panel of experts including Erika Lindley (ED-RED), Dick Ingram – […]

WGN’s “Pension Games” special defines the problem; Now we must focus on REAL Reform

Recently, WGN broadcasted a special called “Pension Games” highlighting the massive debt crisis we face in Illinois.  The first half of the special focused on how our massive pension debt was created – the highest in the country.  The latter half of the special featured an on-set rebuttal from Governor Quinn and a panel including […]

IL Tea Party Responds to Gov. Quinn’s Penion “Stabilization” Plan

This week Governor Quinn announced his plan to “stabilize” Illinois public pensions. His plan contains some minor elements of reforms (i.e. COLA adjustment, increased retirement age) proposed by many organizations – including the Illinois Tea Party. But it falls well short of the real changes required to transform Illinois into a prosperous economy. The real […]