About Jim Economos

Jim Economos is a practicing dentist in Bartlett, Illinois. He is a graduate of Southern Illinois University, and University of Illinois College of Dentistry.

Burke Lakefront Airport vs Meigs Field

As many may know, the Cubs played the first two games in Cleveland for the World Series.  I called the good people at Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland and they were nice enough to send me these two pics.  There were 120 aircraft on the ramp for the series.  Compared to when the game’s played here in […]

WVON Listeners: Why Illinois is in Such a Sad State!

I often speak with my friends on radio station WVON AM 1690 in the Chicagoland area regarding the poor state of things here in Il and Chicago in particular.  My radio handle is “Jim from S Elgin,” and as I like to joke, “I’m the diverse caller,” because my friends, Perri Small, Matt NcGill (my […]

TPS – Temporary Protected Status

What is TPS? It is an acronym for the term Temporary Protected Status. It’s a category used to classify certain people living here legally, yet “temporarily” due to Hurricane Mitch which devastated many parts of Honduras, El Salvador & Nicaragua in October 1998.  Additionally TPS is granted to victims of civil warfare such was the […]

News headlines can make a difference!

The Huffington Post news is liberally based and therefore those reading their articles may not get the full story.  This sad story would seem to indicate this to a degree.  This is one of the reasons many Conservatives, attempt to reach out to our liberal friends to consider their news sources before making decisions politically. […]

Washington Redskin

Recently, attempts are being made to create another manufactured crisis in the form of pressuring the Washington Redskins to change the name because it’s “offensive” to Indians or their ancestry.  It’s curios to me as symbols or leaders are there due to strength or leadership and not due to incompetence, being stupid or weak, is […]

Meigs Field and Loss of Revenue

On March 31, 2003, ten years ago, former mayor Richard M. Daley criminally destroyed Meigs Airport by sending under police escort heavy construction equipment to cut huge swaths across the lone runway so airplanes could not land or depart the airport any longer. This act of wanton destruction caused the loss of about $65 million […]

It’s about Tort Reform Stupid!!

As you know, recently the Supreme Court in large measure upheld ObamaCare which is more about big government in your life than “fixing” healthcare.  Essentially, anything “Big Guv” says you should buy, they  can now force you to do it.  For all of those who were whining about Bush’s Patriot Act, ObamaCare is far more […]

Huffing- Another Dangerous Form of Drug Abuse

What is Huffing?  This picture is who I estimate is a 14 year old boy laying on the grass near a beautiful mall (Mall Galerias del valle) in the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras in Central America.  What he’s doing is getting high by inhaling glue or Resistol as they say locally with the […]

Speed Cameras: What’s their REAL Purpose?

On Monday, Feb 6, 2012, IL Governor Quinn signed into law IL Senate Bill 965, which gives Mayor Emmanuel and the “statist state”of Chicago the authority to install speeding cameras around schools and parks.  The purported reason is “for safety of the children” by ensuring safe traffic around these zones via camera enforcement.  This bill […]

Meigs Field is missed, Illinois economy still hurt by its closing

Illinois needs more economic activity and a beautiful downtown Chicago airport would certainly help achieve this as well as send a signal to others that Illinois is open for business once again. Memo to the new Chicago Mayor – as the great Ronald Reagan said to Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear […]