Should Voting in Chicago be Allowed in Pool Halls and Bars with Signs Reading “We Have Smooth Shafts and Clean Balls”

I’m coming to you from Chicago, yes that’s right the FBI’s murder Capital of the World has a Hispanic, right leaning Latina half Boricua y half Tex-Mex columnist who covers politics among all things. Well foremost, I am honored to be writing for you New Yorkers! As a born and raised city of Chicago gal, […]

Did You Vote on Nov. 6th….Countless Votes Miscounted..

By now all voters have had time to recover from the election day headache. Ahh the day after headache, usually brought on by the over indulgence of alcohol was surpassed by the Presidential Election of 2012.  Yes, that’s right for those who tried to Vote and those who worked the polls, that fateful day brought […]

If Latinos vote their values, they’ll vote Republican

The question has been asked over and over again, “How does the Republican Party win over Latino voters?” The answer is simple:  Ask Latinos to ‘vote their values.’ And why would we want Latinos to vote their values?  Because Latinos are culturally Conservative. We don’t have to convince them of the importance of family.  Their […]