The MVP Project: Protecting the Right to Vote for Military Personnel

The right to vote is one of the building blocks of freedom in the United States, and a decisive way for ordinary people to communicate approval or disapproval of their government officials. Considering how much our military professionals risk to protect that right, I had always assumed they would be one of the most adamant […]

David Orr Violates IL Law

[i]Security is put in place to provide a tamper-resistant environment. Security does not ensure fraud doesn’t take place, it provides mechanisms for fraud to be prevented through fear of detection; it provides an opportunity to stop fraud while in progress and retroactively, through reverse engineering various aspects of the voting processes. When security is ignored […]

Voter fraud investigation, funded by Champion News, results in improved security for Chicago elections

On Wednesday, February 28th, 2011, Sharon Meroni, Director of Defend the Vote, addressed the Chicago Board of Elections Commissioners.   At the meeting, to the stunned surprise of everyone assembled, we learned that the Chicago Board of Elections acted on more than one of the critical security changes recommended by Defend the Vote and Dr. Roger […]


Press Release: How difficult is it for the dead to vote in Illinois? Defend the Vote tested this question in an April 5th audit of Chicago elections. Results were complied into a report. This report, Vulnerability Assessment and Security Audit of Election Day Polling Place Procedures for the April 5, 2011 Municipal Elections in Chicago, […]

Chicago Board of Elections Security is “Wholly Inadequate” in Protecting the Vote

By Sharon Meroni, Executive Director of Defend the Vote. How safe are the elections in Chicago? In April of 2011, a group of citizens from various political parties and the tea party, decided to get an answer to this question by auditing the April 5thMunicipal Runoff Elections in Chicago. [i]  The objective of the security […]

ALERT: Security of Early Voting in Illinois

Defend the Vote’s Executive Director, Sharon Meroni, with the support of Jack Roeser and Champion News, has been investigating the security of early voting in Illinois.  While this investigation pertains to the entire State of Illinois, it was initially inspired by investigations of early voting within the jurisdictions of the Cook County Board of Elections […]

Chicago Security Audit Report to be Released

This Thursday at the Union League Club in Chicago, Defend the Vote will release its Chicago Security Audit and you are invited to attend…

Will My Vote Count in 2012? Explosive report on the security of Chicago elections.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chicago Illinois: “Vote early and vote often” is the infamous phrase attributed to Chicago elections going back to the days of William Hale Thompson, mayor of Chicago from 1915 to 1923, and again from 1927 to 1931. “Will my vote count?” That is the question teams of pollwatchers set out to test […]

Non-Citizens Have Unfettered Access to Ballot Placement in Illinois

During the application and nomination process for “ballot placement,” the Illinois State Board of Election (ISBE) does not check to assure candidates applying to get on the ballot are US Citizens. Incredibly, the ISBE endorses ALL applicants for ballot placement, even if mandated requirements are not met.  The case in the Fourth District Illinois Appellate […]

A report on the ongoing investigation of election day irregularities

Startling results from an ongoing investigation reveal that the City of Chicago uses non-citizens to supervise and operate some of Chicago’s early voting polling places. Investigations uncovered at least 6 non-citizens supervising or working at early voting sites.  Investigators also found that 65 different employees, or 1 out of 4 workers at early voting sites, […]