SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENTS & ADMINISTRATORS Sue to keep gold plated pensions

Read the lawsuit here _______________ YET… TOP 100 School Administrator Pensions Exceed $180,000 per year,click here. AND… over 4,767 educators have $100,000 plus annual retirement pensions- to search Heat Map click here.   This pension lawsuit is about protecting the perks of highly-compensated school administrators who don’t even work in the classroom.  Let’s examine the five superintendents and […]

Governor Quinn Targets the Whistleblowers

FACT: The Quinn administration has targeted state employees and managers inside his administration–  Did they “blow-the-whistle” on his no-bid deal? It’s Illinois’ largest project in history outside of road construction.Upgrading the outdated Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) will cost up to $190 million dollars. An intergovernmental agreement with Michigan was used to avoid a bidding process. […]

We Sued. Taxpayers Won.

FORCING OPEN THE ILLINOIS   STATE CHECKBOOK All public payments since 1996 soon online “We sued because the Comptroller refused to show citizens the state checkbook  and the Attorney General refused to do anything about it.“ State Capitol Press Conference   January 8, 2013 For The Good of Illinois, Inc v. State of Illinois, Office of […]

4,767 Illinois Educators Have Retired On $100,000 or More

4,767  ILLINOIS EDUCATORS  HAVE RETIRED ON $100,000 OR MORE TOTAL EMPLOYEE PENSION CONTRIBUTIONS:       $697.34 MILLION TOTAL FIRST YEAR PENSIONS:                                  $561.48 MILLION (Average Time for return of employee contributions: 15 months)   Visit our interactive “$100,000 Educator […]

Jon Stossell Show Featuring Founder & CEO Adam Andrzejewski

 At, over 400,000 questions were asked and answered after the Stossel Show! Tens of thousands of users rendered hundreds of thousands of questions against 300 million lines of government spending on our web portal and mobile application.

Open The Books – The Chicago Way – National FOX News Investigation

  Watch FOX News segment, here.   Leading on FOX National Website     Read the breaking news report, here     Yesterday, FOX News broke our investigation into No-Bid Illinois ObamaCare Implementation. Today, it’s a leading story on the FOX homepage, here! Many thanks goes to our hard working researchers Kirk Allen, John Kraft, Diane Benjamin and the many courageous state employees […]

Open The Books App #3 in “The App” Store

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal published our opinion editorial, Track Government Spending on Your Phone. It led to so much interest that ourOpen The Books mobile application surged to #3 in The App Store! Read the original Wall Street Journal article here . In response to the tens of thousands of website queries, the search function on the website was […]

Did the Quinn administration circumvent procurement law on $196 million of Medicaid contracting? Is the administration now engaged in a cover-up?

Medicaid is a quarter of the state government operating budget- the largest program.It serves our most vulnerable citizens: the disadvantaged, disabled, and handicapped. It pays our doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies. Every dime wasted on insider contract schemes diverts moneys needed to provide services. Missing an October deadline to upgrade Illinois’ old Medicaid computer system will cause taxpayers to […]

Where Big Government Hides

   “To The Comptroller: Open Up” read editorial here Alton Telegraph, January 8, 2013 Today, your taxes are due. But, the books are closed in Illinois. The two biggest names in Illinois politics- Republican Comptroller Judy Baar-Topinka &Democratic Attorney General Lisa Madigan– are in court spending tens of thousands of your money to try to prevent you […]

What Gov. Quinn Didn’t Tell You

“Yes, we are going to continue milking Illinois taxpayers like a dairy cow…” what Gov. Quinn didn’t tell you State of State Address February 6, 2013 Yesterday, Gov. Quinn gave the “State of the State”. Here’s the rest of the story… The growth of state payroll is exploding. In 2012, the State of Illinois payroll went […]