Become a Force Multiplier

Please take the time view this valuable attachment. It was made available through today. We know there’s much to do in not only recapturing victory in the 2012 elections, but also what we must learn and understand about maintaining our nation as the bastion of freedom we have always known. We must become engaged […]

Lead or Get Out of the Way

By Rick Newton Recent articles in the Chicago Tribune (Special Pension Deal a Windfall for Some County Officials ) and Daily Herald (Township Leaders’ Benefits and Healthcare Perk Proves Townships Need Scrutiny ) which are focusing on disproportionate benefits for public sector employees appear to have caught the attention of numerous local government officials, including […]

A Message for Every Elected Republican to Take to Heart

By Rick Newton In a recent radio broadcast, Mark Levin issued a message that demonstrated the type of leadership that should shame many Republicans in Washington D. C. He rebukes the passivity and lack of leadership and resolve of too many Republicans, from Speaker John Boehner, to the governors, to party officials, to the precinct committeemen […]

A look at the recent controversy at the Republican National Hispanic Assembly

By Rick Newton There was a report posted here this week that offered an eye-opening commentary entitled “State GOP officials working to push Hispanics out of Party.” It described how immaturity and power politics dampened the biennial convention of the Illinois Republican National Hispanic Assembly in Dixon this past weekend. Keith Liscio also penned a commentary today at, “Split in Hispanic […]

For Obama & Comrades, Tax-Cut Debacle Was Not a Mere Fiscal Issue

By Rick Newton   The tax-cut tussle over the past couple of weeks that pitted traditional political opponents and aligned some very strange bedfellows from the camps of the conservatives, the RINO's, the Democratic Socialists, and the White House was all too conveniently depicted as essentially a fiscal difference of opinion between competing interests.   […]

Missing the (Gambling) Boat – Big Time

By Rick Newton How about a little prostitution, state Senators of Illinois? At what point does morality come into play in the decision making process for a legislator – if ever? A major expansion of gambling in Illinois was given the approval by the Illinois Senate by a 31-20 vote this week, making it abundantly clear that […]

The League of Women Voters – Clueless, Biased, and Out of Touch with Today’s World

By Rick Newton By now, most conservative and independent voters are familiar with the dictator-like tactics demonstrated by the League of Women Voters in local debates this past week at St. Charles East and Grayslake High Schools in Illinois. Are liberals aware of these incidents? Likely not. After all, their favorite mainstream media (MSM) outlets do […]

Corinne Pierog, Illinois Senate Candidate, Insults Entire Village of Potential Constituents

By Rick Newton   One might gather from the screen print below of the Facebook entry for Corinne Pierog, Democratic candidate for Senate in Illinois' 28th District, that her campaign is struggling sufficiently enough that she is prepared to not only create her own issues, but to also simultaneously insult an entire village that she […]

Over-Analyzing the Tea Party Movement

By Rick Newton I’m sure there’s a great temptation by many writers, giddy over the prospects of a new subject matter of which to slice and dice every which way, to unravel the supposed mystery and ulterior motives of the Tea Party movement. I, for one, truly believe that it has nothing to do with covert […]

Tea Partiers and 9-12ers – Who Are We?

By Rick Newton The oh, so clueless mainstream media continues to struggle in its concurrent efforts to delegitimize as well as define the Tea Party movement. A commentary from National Public Radio, Who Is the Tea Party? There’s No Short Answer is one of many on any given day that illustrates my point. So would […]